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Madam is Pissed

Madam Clare is upset that this escort didn't do what she was told - so Clare bends her over a chair and teachers her a valuable lesson Join now!

Naughty Erika

Erika Kole is a young naughty girl who Clare is babysitting. When Erika acts up, Clare takes her over her knee - first giving her a hand spanking, then using a fly swatter on her bottom. Join now!

Wonder Blonde

Famed Fem Domme Crystal White is out to save the world, by spanking evil Carmen on her lilly white rear. Our heroine gets hers though, and of course saves the world. Join now!

Cry Baby

When Clare Fonda discovers that Sandy is cutting in on her girlfriend, she spanks some sense into the bubble-butted Sandy. She gives her a bright red bottom, but it isn't until Clare lets Sandy spank her back that Sandy will agree. And Sandy spanks Clare to tears! Join now!

Scary Spanker

Staci and Patty are watching a scary movie on TV late at night. They talk about the legend of Pumpkinhead, a person wearing a pumpkin head mask who is going around and spanking and paddling girls. First Staci spanks Patty for scaring her, then Patty gets Staci back with some spanks before Pumkinhead makes an appearance. Join now!

Rude Girls 2: Kitchen Thief

Courtney Chambers gives Paris Kennedy a good spanking for being rude. But when Courtney lights up a cigarrette, another rude act, Paris gets her back. Join now!

Rude Girls 1: Laundry Room Lickin'

When Nikki discovers her inconsiderate neighbor Lotus has been hogging the washer in the laundry room apartment, she gives Lotus a good hand spanking right there in the laundry room. But then Lotus follows Nikki back to her room, knocks her down with a frying pan and takes her over her knee for a sound spanking. Join now!

Rich Girl, Poor Girl

Sybil receives a spanking and some horse training from Smokin' Mary Jane -- which includes the crop, learning to gallop and a carrot in the mouth. But Sybil turns the tables and gives Mary Jane an OTK spanking, a few licks with the paddle and even shoves and apple in her mouth for good measure. Mary Jane moans up a storm. Join now!

Paris Kennedy and Ashley Fires

Paris Kennedy and Ashley Fires were electric together. They had tremedous attraction as they are two incredibly attractive young ladies with giving personalities. Their chemistry is real and they had great fun spanking each other, mixed with making out. Join now!

Paige Richards and Anastasia Pierce

Paige Richards is a sublime domina who has her pretty femme friend Anastasia over for a makeout session. When the bi curious sub bails out, Paige is all over that ass with a hand spanking that leads to a cropping in the diaper position. Pussy and nipple torture and some dildo play bring out the slave in Anastasia and soon she is orally pleasing her mistress. She is bent over and paddled but finally gets to give her mistress some bottom reddening action as well. These girls were friends before the shoot and enjoyed exploring each other! Join now!