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Back to School

Desiree needs to focus on getting out of college and her aunt has looked up Lana, a principal who "life coaches" girls with good old fashioned spankings. Bright young Desiree is not a bad girl, just distracted although she seems to find focus very quickly over Lana's knee, taking several hard spankings that almost seem to have a military style to them. Join now!

Baby Girlfriend

Clare Fonda's girlfriend Julia is acting like a big baby, so Clare treats her like one - putting her over her knee and giving her a spanking. Join now!

Camille and Clare Fonda

Clare pays a visit to her girlfriend Camille, who is in bed. Clare gives Camille an erotic spanking, until Camille begins to feel ashamed and cries. Then Clare makes Camille pleasure herself while she spanks her. Join now!

Mothers and Daughters 2009

Clare is a frustrated actress who tries to get her daughter Sarah and her niece Amy to learn the meaning of discipline. She takes them each over her knee for a sound spanking, and then tells her younger sister to do the same. So her sister Andi, who was raised in England, gives Sarah and Amy some British discipline, first with the hand, then later with a hair brush. But the spankings aren't over yet. When Andi is insensitive to Clare about her age, Clare takes her sibling over her knee for a hand spanking, followed by many whacks with the hair brush. Join now!

You Stole My Man

A hardcore lifestyle spankfest with goth beauty Dahlia and spanking legend Vivian Steele. Fighting over a beau these ladies went off on each other hard and didn't mercy. Hairbrushes and paddles flew in their real life dungeon home and marks were left. Ms. Steele (Spanky) is known as one of the hardest subs in the biz and both ladies give as good as they get. Join now!

Sister Strict

Clare Fonda plays a strict Irish nun who spanks school girl Paris for smoking. But when she finds out that Nikki was responsible and also is listening in, she not only spanks Nikki, but paddles her, too. Join now!

Two's Company

A: Darling and Melissa are roommates - when they have a disagreement, Darling spanks Milissa. But later, Milissa turns the tables by pulling Darling out of the shower and spanking her and paddling her. B: Venus and Erika have a little disagreement that leads to them spanking each other. C: Kat and Chelsea turn a playful song about spanking, accompanied by bongos, into an actual spanking - and they even sing while they spank. Join now!

Locked Up

Four girls are locked up and stripped and they fight to determine who will be the leader -- and of course the fight turns into a spanking game - whoever can take the most spankings becomes the boss. Join now!

The Audition

Clare plays a British acting guru who is seeking the next Juliette for her version of the Shakespeare play. She uses spanking to motivate the actresses who audition. Until one turns the tables on her. Join now!

London Sheraton's Spanking Massage

London Sheradon is on parole, yet she breaks it to get a massage. First she is bratty, so the lady giving her the massage spanks her. Then her parole officer catches her and spanks her. But Sheradon does get some revenge. Join now!