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Harmony and Dana Dearmond

Harmony poses as a school girl who gets a questionable, and very probing exam from nurse Dana Dearmond, who also takes Harmony over her knee and spanks her. But when Harmony reveals that she is an undercover investigator, she then gets Dana to submit to a spanking and dildo action from Harmony wearing a strap-on. Join now!

Natalie's Audition

Natalie Demore makes the mistake of showing up for an audition thinking it is for a big budget theatrical film. When the audition calls for her to be spanked hard by Clare Fonda, first with the hand, then with a strap, she is still not suspicious. Finally, she learns it is an audition for a spanking video -- but it is too late -- her bottom is bright red and very sore. Join now!

You Missed A Spot

Lori spanks Clare on a dare. After that, the maid Lilith visits and Lori insists that Clare take Lilith over her knee for a good spanking - because Lilith has missed many spots while cleaning. After the sound spanking, Lori has Lilith bend over and she gives her some with a crop and a paddle. Join now!

Kay Richards and Lilith

We introduced stunning Kay as a Never Been Spanked Cutie last year and boy has she acquired a taste for it. Her prey in this flick is veteran vixen Lilith who is spanked for being a lazy maid in spoiled Kay's home. After some OTK she discovers her maid has a tight little body and commands that Lilith kiss her all over. Quite comfortable being red hot Kay's bitch, Lilith gets spankings on a regular basis, but when she finds a dildo in Kay's room she knows she can switch on her, mistress forcing her to demonstrate - otherwise mommy and daddy find out! Kay shows off her pretty pussy while it is spanked and dildo teased and Lilith swats her until she comes. Great OT-KAY sequence! Join now!

My Naughty Daughter 2: The Brit Nanny

Mistress Gemini is highly effective as a nanny hired to tame a brat. Katy Rose earns her rep as one of the toughest little spanking models around as she takes it with hard hand and hairbrush from the strict redheaded domina. Join now!

Hot Cross Buns

Lana is the chef on a cooking show and Kat is her ample bottomed assistant. When Kat continues to screw up, blowing take after take, Lana bends her over and teaches her a lessson - first with hand then with several cooking implements. But Kat gets her back after convincing her that a spanking will help her ratings. Join now!

Holed Up

Clare Fonda is holed up in a hotel room with Kelly Payne, who gets very angry with Clare. And anyone who knows Kelly knows exactly what she does when she gets angry. She turns Clare over her knee for an extremely hard spanking. Join now!

Spanked Soccer Moms

The film is back up, with higher resolution. The two legends of the spanking world, Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer play soccer moms who do hard, switch spanking with hand and hair brush - bringing the verbal skills they are famous for. Join now!

Lesbian Landlady: 1

Pixie gets a special deal when she finds a room for rent on her quest to "make it" in Hollywood. But what she quickly discovers is that the landlady loves to spank young girls who break her "rules." The things a young girl must endure to pay low rent. Join now!

Two Choices

Clare plays Mina's girlfriend. When Mina comes to Clare broke and looking for money, Clare gives her two choices - she can clear her freeloading ass out, or take a spanking for money - she chooses the hard spanking. Join now!