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The Governess 3: Returns

Syren De Mer returns as the strict governess who must disclipline naughty sisters Veronica Ricci and Kymberly Jane. She spanks them on their drop seat pajamas first, then they are made to wear toddler outfits and spanked with the hairbrush. Hard spanking and lots of humiliation are in store for these two! Join now!

Erotic School Girls 1

Celeste Star and Ela Darling both cheated on a test. One teacher found out, but not the one who is planning a field trip to France. Ela wants to confess, but Celeste spanks her until she agrees not to. The girls do some kissing and exploring, too. But Ela decides if she is going to remain silent, she must also get to spank Celeste. Join now!

Stern Stepmom: Day 5

Kordelia Devonshire learns one more time that she can't underestimate her new step-daughter. It ends badly for the MILF as she gets more hard spankings. The two ladies agree on one thing - this will be the last spanking. Great series conclusion. Join now!

Cinderella Spankings: Day 5

Cindy has to pay the price for getting Kimmy spanked and that leads Cindy (played by Veronica Ricci) to another trip over someone's knee - this time Kimmy's lap for a spanking. Evil step sister. Join now!

Cinderella Spankings: Day 4

Cindy has convinced her step-mom that she needs to spank her bratty daughter Kimmy, which she does. But after, step-mom also instructs Kimmy that she must spank Cindy (played by Veronica Ricci) whenver she gets out of line. So Cindy goes over Kimmy's knee to be spanked under stepmom's supervision. Join now!

Stern Stepmom: Day 4

Kordelia Devonshire has promised that she would get revenge on her step-daughter for spanking her, and now she gets her chance. So she takes full advantage, spanking Nikita till she is sore, using her hand, then giving her 100 whacks with a leather paddle. Join now!

Pop Diva Spankings 2

Pop Star Veronica Ricci hires a new assistant Gia Steel, who she bosses around and dominates. When Gia says she won't "get Veronica off" Veronica spanks her until she agrees. But after the spanking, Gia threatens to tell all that Veronica isn't really blonde, unless she can spank Veronica. Join now!

Cinderella Spankings: Day 3

Cindy has put on a gown and plans to go to the ball. But her stepmom catches her and forbids her, since she hasn't completed all of her chores, which include cleaning her stepsister's soiled panties. Step-mom begins spanking Cindy, but this time Cindy has had enough and overpowers the older lady and gives her a spanking. Join now!

Cinderella Spankings: Day 2

Inspired by the Cinderella story, Cindy (played by Veronica Ricci), finds out that her father is marrying a new woman (played by Jennifer Best), who is wicked and has a spoiled daughter named Kimmy. Cindy was supposed to clean the kitchen. But she was dancing around instead. So her step mother has no choice but to put her right over her knee in the kitchen and give her a sound spanking with her hand and a hairbrush. Join now!

Stern Stepmom: Day 3

Kordelia Devonshire is on the phone to a male friend that she appears to be making arrangements with. Bratty step daughter Nikita overhears this and offers to not tell daddy under one condition - she gets to spank her stepmom. Revenge is sweet for the young girl. Join now!