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Cinderella Spankings: Day 1

Inspired by the Cinderella story, Cindy (played by Veronica Ricci), finds out that her father is marrying a new woman (played by Jennifer Best), who is wicked and has a spoiled daughter named Kimmy. On Jennifer's wedding day, she decides to spank Veronica to show her who is boss. She uses her hand and a hairbrush and makes Veronica read from a list of new rules - breaking any will result in a spanking. Join now!

Stern Stepmom: Day 2

Kordelia Devonshire has warned her Step Daughter Nikita that she wiill spank her each time she doesn't someting against her new rules. So she pulls the young girl right over her lap in the kitchen and gives her a sound spanking. Nikita can't sit down afterwards, and uses frozen pees to soothe her tender bottom. Join now!

Naughty Tutor: Day 6

It was Alyssa's idea for her Layden to spank their Tutor Alexis. Do you think she is going to get away with it? Not on Alexis's watch. When Alyssa comes home from school she goes right over Alexis's knee and learns just who is in charge once and for all with Alexis giving her a hard spanking. This concludes the Tutor series. Join now!

Stern Stepmom: Day 1

Kordelia Devonshire is Nikita's new Step Mom. She expects her bratty new step-daughter to behave. When she doesn't the young cheerleaders leans all about the new boss of the house. She gets an over the knee spanking on her bare bottom and is ordered to call her new step mom "mommy." She learns she is not too old for a spanking. Join now!

Naughty Tutor: Day 5

Layden and Alyssa get payback from Alexis for their plan earlier that had Layden drug and spank Alexis. So Alexis has the two ladies spank each other, then she paddles them. But they overpower Alexis and spank her once again. With all three ladies now nursing sore bottoms, will this finally be the end of all the spankings? Join now!

The Governess 2: Rules: Day 4

Sisters Veronica (Ricci) and Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards) are surprised when Governess Syren De Mer gets a phone call saying the girls were suspended from school. They deny it, but of course she puts them both over her knee for a sound spanking, with her hand and a wooden spoon. But when the school calls to admit their mistake, it is time for the girls to get revenge! Join now!

Spanked Girlz Gone Nutz - Remastered

Some girls decide to film some sneak spanking attacks. They are successful, but they also end up getting spanked themselves. Lots of fun and craziness in the remastered spanking scene. Join now!

Punished Schoolgirl

In her last scene as a bottom, Beverly Bacci takes a hard spanking from her Principal (Lana Miller), to the point she is driven to real tears. She is lectured, then spanked long and hard with hand, hairbrush and wooden paddle. Finally, she receives a spanking at home from her mom (played by Clare Fonda who is appearing in her last new scene on this site). Join now!

The Governess 2: Rules: Day 3

Sisters Veronica (Ricci) and Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards) are tired of being spanked by their new governess. But they can't help fighting. This time they decide to settle the fight themselves. So Veronica beings spanking Kym over her knee, after both girls have shed their pj's. Kym gets the last spanks when she puts Veronica over her knee. Join now!

The Governess 2: Rules: Day 2

When sisters Veronica (Veronica Ricci) and Kymberly Jane (Kay Richards) fight over staying together in the same room, the new governess (Syren De Mer), who has made them wear drop seat pajammas, has no choice but to turn each girl over her knee for a spanking with her hand, then a hairbrush. Join now!