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Promotion From Spanking Part 3

Boss Snow Mercy meets with Stormy Squires in her office. Stormy informs her boss that she is the one who is in line for the promotion. But Snow is not thrilled that she got the promotion by spanking Rachel. So Snow decides that Stormy will get another spanking but this time from her powerful boss. She puts Stormy over her knee for a long and very painful spanking with hand plus a large, thick wooden ruler that is more like a cane. As a bonus, Snow throws in a donut pillow for Stormy to use when she must sit on her very sore bottom. Join now!

REMASTERED Corrected Coeds

This multi-girl spanking epic has been remastered and presented in sections that feature a complete spanking. Chelsea Pfeiffer stars as the tough headmistress of a wayward girl's private school disciplining Clare Fonda, as well as Lauren Legends, Cherry, Jade Bond and Rebecca Dressage. The girls get it with hand, hairbrush, ruler and end up posed against the wall with burning bottoms. This was a precursor to the Exclusive Education series. Join now!

EE14: Volleyball Team Spanking

Exclusive Education Year 14 is here. It stars Snow Mercy as the volleyball coach who must deal with her team fighting and all ganging up to spank tall beauty Alice Goods, who they blame for losing their recent match. Snow spanks each girl over her knee while the others watch. She then allows Alice to spank each of her naughty teammate over her knee with a hairbrush. Finally Snow paddles Elori and Cupcake, the instigators. Lots of excellent spankings all in one massive scene. Join now!

Paying For the Crime Part 2

Mistress Gloria is back - on New Years Eve no less - to finish the crime and punishment lesson. In part one, Gloria spanked Iris until she admitted that it was Kaylee who was behind the crime. So Gloria is here to give Kaylee (a pro switch appearing in her first ever spanking scene) the spanking that she deserves. The tall and powerful Gloria uses her hand and a leather paddle to teach Kaylee a lesson and also since it is New Years, she has her make some resolutions while getting spanked. Join now!

Wet Bottom Spanking

Missy Rhodes skipped swim practice to swim with her naughty friend Jade. When she gets home her Aunt Clare Fonda is waiting for her. Clare puts Missy over her knee for a very long and super painful spanking over her wet bottom. She starts over the swimsuit but then has Missy strip naked and count out 300 very sound spanking to that sore, red bottom, leaving Missy in tears and with a very sore, red, speckled bottom! Maybe Missy will learn her lesson this time. Join now!

Erotic Pop Tart Remastered

This remastered classic features two great performances, with Kylee Reese playing the diva star who picks on her personal assistant Claire Dames, and even asks her to pleasure her sexually and spanks her with her hairbrush. But Claire is pretty spunky and decides that Kylee is a real brat who needs to be taught a lesson so she puts her over her knee for a spanking of her own. Classic sexual action and sound spanking, too! Join now!

Evil Elf is Spanked

Sailor Luna is dressed as the evil elf and Dria is the jolly elf. They are waiting for a client to do a 2-girl session with, but now they are uncertain if he really wanted to see both of them. Dria takes a phone call from the client and he tells her that he will see both if Dria spanks the evil elf Sailor. Reluctantly, Sailor gets over her knee for a painful hand spanking. Join now!

Promotion From Spanking Part 2

Rachel Adams agree to let Stormy Squires have the promotion, but that deal comes with a price. Stormy must get over her knee for a painful spanking in the office. Rachel, showing that she can now give a sound spanking, uses her hand and a wooden ruler to exact her revenge. Stormy will get the promotion, but will also have a red bottom and trouble sitting for a few days. Join now!

Nudist Bella Rolland Spanks Neighbor

Tall beauty Bella Rolland enjoys working outside of her house totally naked. Her neighbor barges into her house to complain and also whines about Bella wearing clothes inside her house, where it is okay to be naked. Bella does not care for the tone Elori has taken and easily puts the much smaller lady over her knee for a very long spanking with her hand and a wooden spatula. During the spanking, Bella even strips naked to feel more comfortable. But she make the bottom of the very cute Elori bright red and in a lot of pain until Elori apologizes. All spanking fans should enjoy this scene. Join now!

REMASTERED: Wicked Stepsister

A remastered higher quality version of one of the first ever scenes we shot that stars two stunning young ladies, Ashley Fires (who went on to become the Cips4Sale spokes-model) and Sophia Doll. Ashley plays the wicked stepsister who bullies Sophia with a spanking. But Sophia gets a chance to strike back. A very steamy scene worthy of a fresh look! Join now!