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Missy Spanked By Aunt

When her mom sends her to stay with her strict Aunt Clare Fonda, Missy needs to be on her best behavior. But her first day there she breaks one of the rules and hunts for some wine to drink. Clare catches her and shows her how Missy will be in for some serious behavior modification by giving her a long, sound spanking right by the front door. Clare turns that poor bottom bright red and sore and Missy will have trouble sitting for days. When it is finally over, Missy is sent to the corner to reflect on her bad actions and what will happen if she breaks any more rules. Join now!

Promotion From Spanking

Rachel Adams and Stormy Squires are both up for the same promotion. So there boss leaves them in the office to decide between themselves who should really get the promotion. They cannot agree as they both think they deserve it. So Stormy decides a spanking will help her persuade Rachel who really deserves the promotion. Rachel gets a long, hard spanking in the office with hand and a wooden ruler until she decides to let have Stormy get the promotion. But with one condition. Stay tuned. Join now!

Joy Spanked For No Halloween Costume

Joy Luck did not like the idea her roommate Nikki Turner had, that they dress up for Halloween as Swat agents. Joy has been such a brat lately that Nikki decides to give her a spanking right there in the kitchen to correct her behavior and get her into the Halloween spirit. A trick rather then a treat. Nikki uses her hand and a wooden spoon to turn that bottom red and sore. Join now!

Missy Spanked Again By Mom

Sadly for her, Missy Rhodes did not learn her lesson with the spanking she received yesterday from her mom (played by Snow Mercy). When her mom catches her sneaking into the booze cabinet, she puts Missy over her knee in the kitchen for another long, hard spanking over her already sore bottom. Missy ends up red, and for real, it hurt so much for her to sit down after this painful spanking. Join now!


In this remastered classic Clare Fonda and Nikki dress up like ladies from the 40s then get into an argument that they settle by spanking and paddling each other (the old fashioned means of discipline) and they leave with sore, red bottoms. Join now!

Chaperone Spanking Part Two

Now that Lola gave up the name of the volleyball player who tampered with the van, chaperone Miss Jenn Davis dishes out punishment to the guilty Kiki Cali. And it is a sound spanking with hand and hairbrush followed by a hard strapping that leaves Kiki sore, red and remorseful. Join now!

Missy Gets a Painful Spanking From Mom

This was our most popular scene ever on our clips store, and follows with a nice long series about to debut on a membership site. This episode finds young Missy Rhodes getting her first spanking from her Mom (played by Snow Mercy) as a young adult. This scene was so real as it was the first genuine spanking scene for Missy and she cried real tears from the pain and humiliation of being too old to be spanked. It is a hand spanking that leaves her bottom red and speckled and truly Missy had trouble sitting afterwards. Join now!

Chaperone Spanking Part One

When cute volleyball player Lola Belle (making her debut on our sites) is confronted by the team chaperone Miss Jenn Davis (also making her debut on our sites) about who tampered with the team van, she knows but will not name the culprit. Miss Jenn puts Lola over her knee and spanks the curvy bottom until it turns bright red, but Lola is no rat, she will not say who did it. But when Miss Jenn starts using a heavy leather paddle, Lola finally cracks and blurts out the name of the guilty girl. Join now!

Kira Spanks Her Stepmother

Kira is hiding behind the sofa, listening while her stepmom Clare Fonda talks on her phone about cheating with another woman. Clare tries to deny it, but finally agrees to take whatever punishment that Kira wants to dish out, if only Kira will not tell on her. Kira puts her stepmom Clare over her knee for a very long, painful and humiliating spanking, using her hand and a hairbrush. She teaches Clare a lesson and Clare promises to never be bad again. And Clare will be sitting gingerly for quite some time! Join now!

Cop Spanks Clare to Tears

Officer Chris (played by Miss Chris) responds to a call from Clare Fonda about domestic violence. But Clare says she does not really have anything to report and would not any way. Miss Chris decides that Clare needs to learn a lesson on how serious filing a false claim is. So she gives Clare one of the hardest hand spankings ever. The spanking is so hard and the lecture so strict that Clare cries real tears. This classic scene has never before appeared on a membership site. It is a very powerful scene! Join now!