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Halloween Store Spanking

Stevie Rose is the manager at a Halloween store. Her sister talked her into hiring friend Snow Mercy to work at the store. But Snow only orders slutty costumes, ignoring the big market of other customers. And Snow only wears a slutty costume while working there. Today, she is dressed as a slutty maid so Stevie calls her into the office to fire her. But Snow will do anything to keep the job. Stevie gives Snow a very hard, long spanking that turns her bottom bright red. Snow swears she will change her ways. Join now!

Sammantha Grace and Angelica REMASTERED

This Remastered scene provides a full clip and multiple viewing options now. Here is the original description: Sammantha Grace and Angelica Black are locked in prison and very bored. They start playing around with spanking, and then masturbating and even try a new erotic spanking toy Sammantha smuggled in called the VIBE STRAP, which works as a vibrator while being spanked otk. Join now!

Stevie Spanks Tiana Irie

Stevie Rose was recently spanked for doing her roommate Tiana Irie a favor and complaining to FloorMart about their labor practices. No good deed went unpunished. But now Stevie is looking for some payback. She puts Tiana over her knee for a long and very painful spanking, even using a wooden paddle to drive that lesson home! Join now!

Stevie Rose Spanked For Complaint

Stevie Rose marches into the Floor-Mart office to make a complaint on behalf of her roommate, who has a blog about bad corporate employee practices. Manager Apricot Pitts defends their employee record and is tired of these unfounded complaints. In fact she threatens Stevie that they are libelous. Stevie is so worried about getting sued that she agrees to take a spanking from Apricot. It is a long, painful spanking with hand and hairbrush that leaves Stevie rubbing her sore bottom and looking for some revenge on her roommate, who sent her there. Join now!

REMASTERED: Scarlett and Kylie

This remastered classic features two porn stars (one receiving her first ever spanking) who spank each other and share some sexy time. The original description: Our never been spanked starlet Scarlet raises the stakes in her erotic spanking debut. Kylie King is great as a college roomie who takes and gives and at the end of this sexy vid is two girls seeing who can cum first. Very nice talent and well done spanking set-up. Join now!

Gigi Spanked By The Babysitter

In the second part of this series, Gigi Lea is visiting her cousin Dria, who spanked her. Gigi thought the strict discipline was over, but when she gets home late, she learns that Dria has hired Veronica Ricci to be her babysitter. Veronica is even stricter, which Gigi quickly learns with a painful trip over the knee of her babysitter. She is spanked with hand, wooden bath brush, and then bent over and paddled and she must read the babysitter rules while she is punished. A lesson well learned. She will always be a good girl from now on! Join now!

Chrissy Spanks Her Boss

Chrissy Marie was spanked and caned by her boss Snow Mercy. But after going over the rules carefully, she realizes that some rules were broken. She uses this leverage over Snow to give her a sound spanking. She uses a wooden ruler. Then she has Snow bend over her desk to receive a painful punishment with a wooden paddle. Snow is left with a very sore, red bottom! Join now!

Vixen and Darling REMASTED

This erotic remastered classic stars Darling (who goes by Dee Williams now) and Vixen and will now have full files in all formats. Here is the original description: Darling's pussy is too tight for sex so she visits her friend Vixen who has a magic technique for loosing it up and getting it nice and wet -- which of course involves a sound spanking, then some dildo play. Afterwards, Darling gets her turn to spank the very long Vixen, who then is so aroused she decides to pleasure herself. Join now!

Missy Spanked In France

When Missy Rhodes and Koko Kitten are acting up (and smoking) on their trip to France, Snow Mercy (playing mom to Missy) puts Missy over her knee of the balcony and gives her a sound spanking. Koko mocks Missy during her spanking, so Snow also spanks the bratty Koko. Join now!

Chrissy Punished at Work

Chrissy Marie is so desperate for work that she takes a job that uses corporal punishment when workers break the rules. She is late for her first day on the job, but she signs the contract that allows Human Resources director Snow Mercy to punish Chrissy for her tardiness. Chrissy also arrives sweaty as she hurried to work. This is a fashion business so this is another offense. Chrissy gets caned and paddled on her first day on the job and quickly learns how things will be when she screws up on the job. Join now!