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Erotic Spankings

The erotic section has spanking punishments spiced up with steamy lesbian encounters.

Harmony and Dana Dearmond

Harmony poses as a school girl who gets a questionable, and very probing exam from nurse Dana Dearmond, who also takes Harmony over her knee and spanks her. But when Harmony reveals that she is an undercover investigator, she then gets Dana to submit to a spanking and dildo action from Harmony wearing a strap-on. Join now!

Kay Richards and Lilith

We introduced stunning Kay as a Never Been Spanked Cutie last year and boy has she acquired a taste for it. Her prey in this flick is veteran vixen Lilith who is spanked for being a lazy maid in spoiled Kay's home. After some OTK she discovers her maid has a tight little body and commands that Lilith kiss her all over. Quite comfortable being red hot Kay's bitch, Lilith gets spankings on a regular basis, but when she finds a dildo in Kay's room she knows she can switch on her, mistress forcing her to demonstrate - otherwise mommy and daddy find out! Kay shows off her pretty pussy while it is spanked and dildo teased and Lilith swats her until she comes. Great OT-KAY sequence! Join now!

Ashley Edmonds and Kay Richards

Kay Richards and Ashley Edmonds were in detention right after the big Exclusive Education Spankings. They had red asses, sore bottoms, but yet were strangely turned on. So what else to do but play with each other - sharing kisses and gentle rubs - along with a few spanks. Join now!

Leah Wilde and Madison Martin

Madison needs to teach her new roommate some respect - so she does it with a good hard spanking. After that, she makes Leah bring herself to orgasm. But Leah finds a good reason to turn the tables on Madison - and she spanks her with her hand, then a hairbrush. Join now!

Erotic Pop Tart 2

Kylee is a pop diva whose assistant Clair becomes fed up with. She can no longer tolerate how bratty Kylee is so she turns her over her knee for a sound spanking. She spanks her for a long time - until she says she is sorry. And then she makes Kylee "get her off" like Clair has done to Kylee. Join now!

Erotic Pop Tart

Kylee is a pop diva hiring a new assistant, Clair Dames. Kylee demands that Clair "get her off" as one of her assignments. When Clair refuses, Kylee spanks her until she agrees. Over the knee with a long hand spanking, before Kylee brings out the hair brush. Join now!

Anita Blue and Kay Richards

Kay hooks up with Anita - after picking up the bi-curious girl at a bar. But when Anita seems reluctant to explore her sexuality - Kay gives her a fast lesson with a spanking and a glass dildo, before forcing Anita to spank back. Join now!

Annabel Leigh and Gia

Gia spanks Annabel for a long time, until Annabel turns the tables and gives it right back. After lots of spanking, Gia is turned on and decides to satisfy Annabel. Join now!

Amber Peach and Kay Richards

Kay Richards and Amber Peach spank each other and make out as roommates who have problems remembering to pay their bills. This scene ran briefly on our former site KARAPREPAREYOURSLEF, but is worth a look - so here it is. Join now!

Addie Juniper and Kendra James

Kendra wants to come back to her ex-girlfriend Addie. But Addie won't take her back without punishing her first. She spanks her 231 times - one for each day she was gone. Kendra spanks Addie back, though, showing her who is boss. Join now!