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Erotic Spankings

The erotic section has spanking punishments spiced up with steamy lesbian encounters.

Paige Richards and Anastasia Pierce

Paige Richards is a sublime domina who has her pretty femme friend Anastasia over for a makeout session. When the bi curious sub bails out, Paige is all over that ass with a hand spanking that leads to a cropping in the diaper position. Pussy and nipple torture and some dildo play bring out the slave in Anastasia and soon she is orally pleasing her mistress. She is bent over and paddled but finally gets to give her mistress some bottom reddening action as well. These girls were friends before the shoot and enjoyed exploring each other! Join now!

Harmony and Dana Dearmond

Harmony poses as a school girl who gets a questionable, and very probing exam from nurse Dana Dearmond, who also takes Harmony over her knee and spanks her. But when Harmony reveals that she is an undercover investigator, she then gets Dana to submit to a spanking and dildo action from Harmony wearing a strap-on. Join now!

Ashley Edmonds and Kay Richards

Kay Richards and Ashley Edmonds were in detention right after the big Exclusive Education Spankings. They had red asses, sore bottoms, but yet were strangely turned on. So what else to do but play with each other - sharing kisses and gentle rubs - along with a few spanks. Join now!

Anita Blue and Kay Richards

Kay hooks up with Anita - after picking up the bi-curious girl at a bar. But when Anita seems reluctant to explore her sexuality - Kay gives her a fast lesson with a spanking and a glass dildo, before forcing Anita to spank back. Join now!

Annabel Leigh and Gia

Gia spanks Annabel for a long time, until Annabel turns the tables and gives it right back. After lots of spanking, Gia is turned on and decides to satisfy Annabel. Join now!

Amber Peach and Kay Richards

Kay Richards and Amber Peach spank each other and make out as roommates who have problems remembering to pay their bills. This scene ran briefly on our former site KARAPREPAREYOURSLEF, but is worth a look - so here it is. Join now!

Addie Juniper and Kendra James

Kendra wants to come back to her ex-girlfriend Addie. But Addie won't take her back without punishing her first. She spanks her 231 times - one for each day she was gone. Kendra spanks Addie back, though, showing her who is boss. Join now!

Kelly Wells and Clare Fonda

Kelly has been to a psychologist to deal with her issues of dressing provocatively and overall exhibitionism. Counselor Clare teaches her through spanking therapy that her behavior has its consequences. After the spanking, she is forced to bring herself to climax with a large dildo. Join now!

Scar and Nikki

Scar and Nikki wake up in bed and begin making out, until Scar accuses Nikki of flirting with the female bartender last night. She decides to punish Nikki by giving her a sound spanking. But Nikki has enough and turns the tables on Scar. Join now!

Kaiya Lynn and Clare Fonda

When Kaiya tells her madam that she didn't collect the money from her "job," she gets a sound spanking, then is force to masterbate. Join now!