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Disciplinary Spankings

The disciplinary spanking section has hardcore correction issued by lovely and experienced players.

Counselor Spanks Couple

Couples Counselor Lexi Holland is not pleased with the progress of young couple Ella Raine and Arella Bell, who continue to bicker despite their counseling. So Lexi offers a radical therapy exercise that both ladies agree to try. And that is a sound spanking over the knee of Lexi, while the partner watches. It is painful and embarrassing but gets good results. Lexi uses her hand plus a hairbrush for this exercise that leaves her clients sitting gingerly, but communicating better. Join now!

Painful Exit Interview

Boss Iris calls employee Eve into her office to fire her. But an angry Eve demands an exit interview. Eve wants a demonstration of why she is losing her job. So Iris demonstrates by putting Eve over her knee for a sound spanking. Iris uses her hand, plus a wooden ruler to turn that bottom red. Eve leaves with a new understanding of the poor job she was doing at work, plus a sore bottom. Join now!

Halloween Spanking For Lexi

Lexi Holland shows up early to the Halloween party Riley Haze is throwing. Big mistake. Then she acts like a brat. Riley has had enough of this mischief. She puts Lexi over her knee for a sound spanking in her Halloween costume. Then she has Lexi bend over for a taste of the carpet beater. Ouch, that thing really stings. Lesson learned. Join now!

The Cane Bet A

Lexi Holland and Dani Synclair are called into the office of strict administrator Sky Terrapin. They were planning to take the SATs for other students, which is illegal around here. Instead of informing the authorities, Lexi and Dani suggest a caning instead. Sky agrees and has them strip nude for 18 strokes each, which they count out loud. And then another 18 strokes after that. 36 each in total. It turns out Lexi and Dani bet with other students that they could get Sky to cane them. Which they are both regretting now as they try to sit down. Join now!

Sugar Mamma Spanks Sarah

Sugar Mamma Miss Bernadette is angry that Sarah Gregory was looking at other ladies at the restaurant today. When it is time for bed, Miss B delivers a message the old-fashioned way, in the form of a spanking over her knee. She even uses the dreaded hairbrush to drive home her lesson. Sarah is very sorry and Miss B is in a forgiving mood so they end with a sensual hug. Join now!

Thief Spanking Part 3

Dani Synclair visits her punishment by visiting a dungeon where Dominatrix Snow Mercy gives her a taste of the cane. Dani leaves with a sore, red, striped bottom that she will feel for days. She will never commit this offense again. Join now!

After the Beach Spanking

Clare Fonda plays aunt to porn star Jill Taylor, who is super cute and surprisingly strong. As they walk into the living room, after their trip to the beach, Jill complains about how her aunt Clare spanked her at the beach. Now she takes Clare over her knee and spanks her bare bottom. She even uses a wooden hairbrush with the name Clare Fonda on it. She turns that famous bottom bright red. Join now!

Cooking Lesson Spanking

Ziva Fey and Lexi Holland are in the kitchen wearing nothing but aprons. Lexi is an eccentric cooking instructor and Ziva is willing to do anything to improve her cooking. Lexi is also very strict and shows Ziva by giving her a spanking, naked, over her knee, right there in the kitchen. Ziva is left rubbing her sore, red bottom, and ready to learn it all now. Join now!

Thief Spanking Part 2

Dani Synclair was spanked by her boss for stealing a dumbbell from work. Now when she gets home, her roommate Sky Terrapin got a call from that boss and was encouraged to also spank Dani. She obliges, giving Dani another spanking, on her already sore bottom. The tall and powerful sky uses her hand plus a hard wooden hairbrush to make sure Dani cannot sit for days. Join now!

Psychic Spanking

Clare Fonda is visiting psychic Beverly Snow. Clare does not like what she is hearing and believes that she is being scammed. She puts Beverly over her knee for a sound spanking, turning that curvy bottom red. Beverly did not see that coming. Maybe she needs to work on her powers. In the meantime, she will have trouble sitting. Join now!