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Disciplinary Spankings

The disciplinary spanking section has hardcore correction issued by lovely and experienced players.

Thief Spanking Part 1

Cheyenne Jewel is the manager of a gym. She calls worker Dani Synclair into her office because she knows that Dani has been stealing some dumbbells from work. Dani tires denying it and underplaying it, but when she has a choice of getting fired or accepting some discipline from her very strong boss, she accepts a spanking from Cheyenne, over her knee, right there in the office where everyone can hear. Cheyenne even uses hairbrush to drive the lesson home. Dani leaves work with a very sore bottom. Join now!

Strict Caning Stepmom Part 2

Strict Stepmom Sky Terrapin is upset with Gigi Lea for not doing the dishes. They are both wearing their bikinis as they have a trip to the beach planned. Sky wants Gigi to learn that she must to as she is told, and will get punished when she does not follow orders, even if it is only not doing the dishes. Sky puts Gigi over her knee for a painful spanking on an already sore and spanked bottom. Instead of using the cane, Sky mixes it up with a wooden paddle to finish off the spanking. And Sky promises to spank Gigi at the beach if she acts up again. In front of everyone! Join now!

4th Of July Spanking

Boss Lexi Holland calls saleslady Em Indica into her office and explains that Em is doing such a terrible job of selling their 4th of July products that she will have to let her go. But Em agrees to do better and will do anything to keep her job. So Lexi tries a radical method of correction in the form a sound spanking over her knee right in her office. Em promises to do better as her curvy bottom turns bright red from the hand and a leather paddle. Fireworks and spanking works. Join now!

Strict Caning Stepmom Part 1

Gigi gets a new stepmom, the very tall and powerful Sky Terrapin. Sky finds credit card charges that she has not approved. So Gigi quickly learns how discipline will be dished out in this household. First Sky gives Gigi a caning and spanking in the kitchen. Then she repeats the punishment in the living room. And then Gigi changes into the latest new outfit and receives a third painful caning and spanking. This will be challenging for Gigi to continue living here and being able to sit comfortably. Join now!

Yasmine Spanks Rachel

Yasmine Sinclair barges into the living room of Rachel Adams. Yasmine got spanked by Tiana for serving food at a party using expired ingredients to make the food. Many party goers got sick. And now Yasmine wants revenge on Rachel because she was the one who sold her these expired ingredients. Rachel tries to explain how expiration dates are merely suggestions, but that does not prevent her from receiving a hard spanking and paddling from Yasmine that leaves Rachel sore and red for days. And unable to sit comfortably. Join now!

Strict Babysitter Part 6

In the final scene of the series, the Strict babysitter Sky Terrapin is the one receiving the spanking, from Lexi Holland, who has received five hard spankings from the very tall and strong sitter. But Sky needs help because the check she received bounced and Sky wants Lexi to talk to her mom about it. In exchange Sky agrees to take a spanking from Lexi. But she is shocked by how hard Lexi can spank, plus Lexi insists on using the dreaded wooden bath brush, which turns her bottom bright red, and now it is Sky who has trouble sitting. Sweet revenge. Join now!

The Spanking Battle

Clare Fonda plays a Romanian internet model who wants to take the actual Romanian spanking competition to the next level and have both models totally nude and do more than one spank at a time. She recruits porn star Em Indica and they take turns giving each other 10 whacks until there is a winner. However when Em learns that the pay is deferred she puts Clare over her knee and shows her how Americans do spankings and paddlings. Join now!

Yasmine Spanked For Bad Cooking

Yasmine Sinclair made a dinner that got all of her guests sick. Tiana Irie, one of the guests, discovered that Yasmine was using expired ingredients. On behalf of the guests, Tiana gives Yasmine a spanking right in the kitchen where the bad deed was done. She spanks Yasmine hard, using her hand, a wooden spoon and a wooden spatula until Yasmine is very sorry and promises to pay attention to expiration dates from now on. Join now!

Strict Babysitter Part 5

Lexi Holland has a bottom so red and so sore that she still cannot sit on it while she is talking on her phone to her friends. She is so frustrated that her strict babysitter is still spanking her. Sky Terrapin, the babysitter, enters while Lexi is still on the phone complaining. Sky has a long list of rules that Lexi must follow and Lexi will be spanked while reading these rules for emphasis. This time Sky uses the dreaded wooden bath brush on her tender bottom. Lexi will not be sitting comfortably for weeks. Join now!

Spanked By The Maid

Maid Stevie Rose catches hotel guest Loraine with some very incriminating photos. Loraine tries to deny it and has been treating Stevie very poorly. But now Stevie has some leverage. She has Loraine bend over in the hotel bathroom for a sound spanking and strapping that she will not soon forget. Join now!