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Disciplinary Spankings

The disciplinary spanking section has hardcore correction issued by lovely and experienced players.

Exclusive Education 18 part2

Kiki Cali helped Lexi Holland trick the counselors into spanking the other students. But Kiki skipped the disciplinary meeting in which Lexi received her punishment. So Sky calls Kiki into her office to show her what Kiki missed. And then some. Kiki gets a long and hard spanking over the knee of the tall about powerful beauty who uses her hand plus a wooden hairbrush to drive the lesson home. Kiki is left with a very sore, tender bottom and lesson learned. Join now!

Trade Secrets Spanking

When Lux Lives gets caught selling trades secrets she is called into the office of her boss, Snow Mercy, who gives her a choice to apologize and take a spanking, or get fired. Lux takes the spanking, but quickly learns that she is in for a very, very hard one with hand and large wooden ruler that leaves her bottom red and striped for days. Halfway through, she strips fully naked to add to the humiliation. Plus she must remain in the office and apologize to any coworker who comes in. In the end, she discovers how difficult it will be to sit for a while! Join now!

The Cane Bet B

After teacher Sky Terrapin discovers that Dani Synclair and Lexi Holland tried to get her to cane them on purpose, she decides that each deserve a spanking over her knee on their already sore bottoms. Sky uses her hand first, then gives them 20 with the brat paddle that they count out loud. Dani and Lexi are really regretting their plan and promise to always be good from now on. Join now!

Exclusive Education 18 part1

In our annual multi-girl shoot, this year it is set at the national schoolgirl convention with students from all-girl schools. Lexi Holland tells the 2 convention supervisors, Miss Bernadette and Sky Terrapin, that she has been bullied by some other schoolgirls. Lexi directs the punishment that she sees fit, while Sophia Quinn, Dolly Mattel, Ella Raine and Kim Chi are all punished simultaneously by the two supervisors, one over the knee, another bent over for a strapping. But when evidence is presented that this was a set up by Lexi, she gets punished by all of the other ladies. Join now!

Christmas Dispute

Sage Pillar and Miss Rose have a dispute at the office Christmas party over who should try to kiss one of their co-workers under the mistletoe. The tall beauty Rose decides a spanking with Sage over her knee might help to settle their dispute. Finally, Sage will let Rose be the one to make the first move, but only if she can spank Rose right now, in the office. Lots of festive hand spanking goes into this Holiday treat. Join now!

Strict Aunt Elizabeth Spanks Nicole

Nicole Thorne has been slacking off with no repercussions. Her aunt, Miss Elizabeth, visits her and informs Nicole that she will be supervising her for a while. And helping add more discipline in her life. Nicole is not sure what her aunt means, so Miss Elizabeth demonstrates with an extremely hard spanking and paddling over her knee. Nicole will be behaving from now on. Join now!

Counselor Spanks Couple

Couples Counselor Lexi Holland is not pleased with the progress of young couple Ella Raine and Arella Bell, who continue to bicker despite their counseling. So Lexi offers a radical therapy exercise that both ladies agree to try. And that is a sound spanking over the knee of Lexi, while the partner watches. It is painful and embarrassing but gets good results. Lexi uses her hand plus a hairbrush for this exercise that leaves her clients sitting gingerly, but communicating better. Join now!

Painful Exit Interview

Boss Iris calls employee Eve into her office to fire her. But an angry Eve demands an exit interview. Eve wants a demonstration of why she is losing her job. So Iris demonstrates by putting Eve over her knee for a sound spanking. Iris uses her hand, plus a wooden ruler to turn that bottom red. Eve leaves with a new understanding of the poor job she was doing at work, plus a sore bottom. Join now!

Halloween Spanking For Lexi

Lexi Holland shows up early to the Halloween party Riley Haze is throwing. Big mistake. Then she acts like a brat. Riley has had enough of this mischief. She puts Lexi over her knee for a sound spanking in her Halloween costume. Then she has Lexi bend over for a taste of the carpet beater. Ouch, that thing really stings. Lesson learned. Join now!

The Cane Bet A

Lexi Holland and Dani Synclair are called into the office of strict administrator Sky Terrapin. They were planning to take the SATs for other students, which is illegal around here. Instead of informing the authorities, Lexi and Dani suggest a caning instead. Sky agrees and has them strip nude for 18 strokes each, which they count out loud. And then another 18 strokes after that. 36 each in total. It turns out Lexi and Dani bet with other students that they could get Sky to cane them. Which they are both regretting now as they try to sit down. Join now!