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Spanked By The Maid

Maid Stevie Rose catches hotel guest Loraine with some very incriminating photos. Loraine tries to deny it and has been treating Stevie very poorly. But now Stevie has some leverage. She has Loraine bend over in the hotel bathroom for a sound spanking and strapping that she will not soon forget. Join now!

Violet Spanks Her Cousin

Violet Faraday catches her cousin Lux Lives borrowing her clothes without asking. She suspected this tall cutie of stretching out her clothes and now she caught her red handed. And she proceeds to make her red bottomed. Violet spanks Lux over her knee, then has her bend over and straps her bottom until Lux learns a valuable, and painful, lesson. Join now!

Strict Babysitter Part 4

Lexi Holland improved her apology letter to her friends, but her baby sitter Sky Terrapin is upset with how poor the letter to her mom was. So Lexi is in store for yet another spanking on her already sore, red bottom. Lexi gets over the knee of the tall beauty Sky, who gives her a hard hand spanking while Lexi reads the new, but embarrassing, letter to her friends. Then Sky paddles that bottom while Lexi reads the sarcastic letter she wrote to her mom. Lexi cannot sit comfortably at all when the spanking is over. And Lexi fears there may be more yet to come. Join now!

Disabled Smoke Detector Part 2

Gigi Lea was recently spanked by a representative of an airline company for disabling a smoke detector on a plane. Gigi has decided to complain to their Human Resources. She is surprised to discover that the HR director is dominatrix Snow Mercy, who deals with complaints in a dungeon. Snow places Gigi over a bench and dishes out a hand spanking and a strapping on that already sore bottom, leaving Gigi rubbing her sore behind for quite some time, plus regretting that she ever decided to disable that smoke detector. Join now!

Intense Manners Training

Astrid Allure(in her first ever spanking video) was sent to get some manners training by Snow Mercy. It is her aunt who sent her and Snow will do whatever is necessary to teach Astrid some manners. Astrid is surprised that she will be learning her lessons at a dungeon. Snow quickly shows her why as Astrid finds herself bent over a bench, receiving a spanking with hand plus a leather paddle. Astrid assures Snow that she will behave around her aunt from now on. Join now!

Strict Babysitter Part 3

Lexi Holland was supposed to write an apology letter to her friends for her poor behavior. But the letter is so bad that babysitter Sky Terrapin marches into the living room and gives Lexi another spanking over her knee, on her already sore bottom. Lexi reads the letter while getting spanked. Then Sky pulls out a wooden paddle and turns that bottom an even brighter shade of red. A tearful Lexi has real trouble sitting after this spanking. Join now!

Disabled Smoke Detector Part 1

Gigi Lea was caught disabling a smoke detector on an airplane. She ends up in the office of Yasmine Sinclair, a representative of the airlines. Yasmine says she will report Gigi to the police and that she must pay a $10,000 fine. Gigi begs for any other option. A spanking is another option, but it will be a painful one. Gigi does not have the money so she gets over the knee of Yamine and takes a spanking and paddling that turns her curvy bottom bright red. Join now!

Strict Babysitter Part 2

Strict Babysitter Sky Terrrapin pulls Lexi Holland into the room by her ear. Sky had spanked Lexi at the party, in front of her friends. Now Lexi is about to receive another spanking, on her already sore spanked bottom, over the spanking stool. On her bare bottom. And this time Sky brings out the wooden spoon. Lexi will have trouble sitting for a long time after this sound spanking! Join now!

Exclusive Education 17: Part 2

In part one of EE17, Madison Swan and Paula Diamond named Dynamite Denise as the one who started the big fight. And now Denise will be disciplined by both Principal Clare Fonda and her TA Irene Silver. They each spank Denise over the knee before bending her over for some whacks with the paddle. All three schoolgirls are left rubbing their sore, red bottoms. Join now!

Strict Babysitter Part 1

Lexi Holland is a cute young bratty lady who could always do whatever she felt like. A tall powerful beauty walks into the room while Lexi is planning a party with her friends. It is Sky Terrapin, who is the babysitter. Lexi thinks it is crazy that her mother would hire a babysitter. She is definitely too old. But Sky insists that she is not too hold and that if Lexi wants to continue to have her expenses paid by her mother, she will submit to the strict discipline, which starts with a OTK spanking with hand, then the brat paddle. When it is over, Sky will take her paddle and spanking stool with Lexi to her party. Join now!