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Sensual Spankings

The sensual spankings features beautiful girls playfully switching.

Cinderella Spankings: Day 4

Cindy has convinced her step-mom that she needs to spank her bratty daughter Kimmy, which she does. But after, step-mom also instructs Kimmy that she must spank Cindy (played by Veronica Ricci) whenver she gets out of line. So Cindy goes over Kimmy's knee to be spanked under stepmom's supervision. Join now!

Cinderella Spankings: Day 3

Cindy has put on a gown and plans to go to the ball. But her stepmom catches her and forbids her, since she hasn't completed all of her chores, which include cleaning her stepsister's soiled panties. Step-mom begins spanking Cindy, but this time Cindy has had enough and overpowers the older lady and gives her a spanking. Join now!

Cinderella Spankings: Day 2

Inspired by the Cinderella story, Cindy (played by Veronica Ricci), finds out that her father is marrying a new woman (played by Jennifer Best), who is wicked and has a spoiled daughter named Kimmy. Cindy was supposed to clean the kitchen. But she was dancing around instead. So her step mother has no choice but to put her right over her knee in the kitchen and give her a sound spanking with her hand and a hairbrush. Join now!

Cinderella Spankings: Day 1

Inspired by the Cinderella story, Cindy (played by Veronica Ricci), finds out that her father is marrying a new woman (played by Jennifer Best), who is wicked and has a spoiled daughter named Kimmy. On Jennifer's wedding day, she decides to spank Veronica to show her who is boss. She uses her hand and a hairbrush and makes Veronica read from a list of new rules - breaking any will result in a spanking. Join now!

Spanked Girlz Gone Nutz - Remastered

Some girls decide to film some sneak spanking attacks. They are successful, but they also end up getting spanked themselves. Lots of fun and craziness in the remastered spanking scene. Join now!

Snooping School Girl

A Retro scene shot when Paris Kennedy was just 18 years old. School Girl Paris is spying on the goth girls she is staying with, and she catches them spanking each other. She has a fantasy about being spanked and begins touching herself. But the girls catch her and give her a real spanking. First Kat puts her over her knee and they both give her a hand spanking. Then Paris is bent over for some smacks with the riding crop. And she even gets the riding crop on her nipples before they leave her to rub her sore bottom and return to doing her homework. Join now!

Lazy Niece Spanked

Samora has been sent to her strict Aunt's house to live for a while. When Samora slacks off and doesn't do her homework, she learns what is in store for her. Aunt Clare takes her over her knee and spanks her to her bottom turns bright red. Join now!

Paris is Burning

Paris Kenney is a bratty cheerleader who picks on a goth girl. Paris follows her home and spanks her. But what Paris doesn't know is that Goth girl's sister is a witch. She summonds Paris there using Spankalbub, an invisible demon that spanks Paris. And then lights Paris's bottom ON FIRE. The sister must spank out the flames. Then she continues spanking Paris with hand and several kitchen items. After they finish with Paris, the goth sisters spank each other. Join now!

Schoolgirl's Revenge

Sister Clare is sleeping in her room when two schoolgirls she recently punished bust in for some spanking revenge. Paris and Nikki spank Clare hard with their hands, and use three different paddles on her - including one with needles on one side. Clare's bottom actually bleeds by the end of her punishment. Join now!

Patty's Spanking

Patty wasn't supposed to go to the party she did, so Clare puts her over her knee for an embarrassing and painful spanking. Join now!