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Disciplinary Spankings

The disciplinary spanking section has hardcore correction issued by lovely and experienced players.

Life Coach Carmen: Day One

Carmen is a life coach for Dria, who has many things going wrong in her life. When Dria shows up late to their session, Carmen loses it and introduces a new form of discipline. Spanking. She uses her hand and a paddle to turn that curvy bottom bright red. Dria says that she has learned her lesson. We shall see. Join now!

A Mothers Concern 2b REMASTERED

We Remastered Part 2 of this scene in higher resolution and to make it available to mobile devices. Casey Clavert has a friend over (played by a bratty Veronica Ricci) and when Veronica acts up while Clare arrives to give Casey her nightly spanking, Clare decides Veronica is in need of a long, hard spanking, with hand and hairbrush. Then Casey gets her turn to get spanked in her drop-seat pajamas. Clare even lets Casey give Veronica some spanks with the hairbrush. Join now!

Company Policy: Day Four

Rolli is called into the office where company owner Snow Mercy wants to know why she was spanking the Human Resources Director. Rolli tries to explain, but it does not matter what she says, it was not her place to spank other employees. So Snow demonstrates what the policy is by giving Rolli a very painful spanking over her knee. Join now!

Strict Aunt Clare Spanks Coco

Young Coco Lovelock gets a visit from her very strict aunt, Clare Fonda. Aunt Clare does not approve of the skimpy shorts that Coco wears, along with many of her other life choices. When she overhears Coco planning naughty activities with a friend on the phone, Clare decides that Coco is long overdue for a sound spanking. This is so shocking and painful for Coco that she cries hard while getting spanked. Coco is left with a very sore red bottom that makes it hard for her to sit. Join now!

A Mothers Concern 2a REMASTERED

Here is the original description for this remastered classic, which will now be available for mobile devices too: Clare Fonda is back in a special episode with our 300th model Casey Calvert. Clare gets a bad note from Caseys school that says she is doing poorly on her grades and was caught smoking. Clare decides it is time to do something she hasn't done since her charge was little - and that is a spanking in the day, followed by a spanking at night Join now!

Company Policy: Day Three

Her bottom still sore from the spanking HR Director Ziva gave her recently, Rolli marches into the office for a little payback. Rolli knows that Ziva has taken the company laptop home for personal use. Rolli threatens to tell company owner Snow if something is not done about this immediately. Ziva gets over her lap and takes a spanking on her bare bottom, the last 6 whacks with the heavy wooden paddle are counted out. Ziva is left rubbing her sore bottom in the corner, embarrassed that her fellow workers all heard her get a spanking. Join now!

Company Policy: Day Two

Rolli is called into Human Resources where her friend Ziva Fey is the new director. Rolli has broken company policy in a few ways, including the very short skirt she is wearing at work. Ziva has no choice but to punish her, as it is what is expected by company owner Snow. So Rolli gets over her knee for a stinging spanking that turns her bottom red. And she gets the last few strokes with a wooden paddle, and must count them. It is both a painful and embarrassing punishment for this model doing her first ever spanking shoot. Join now!

Mothers Concern REMASTERED

This long classic punishment sequence with 8 spankings has been remastered and will be available for all mobile devices. A scene has been added starring Odette as the friend who also gets spanked by Clare. Elise Graves is back from college to stay with her mother for the summer. Mom (played by Clare Fonda) reminds Elise that she has slipped in many ways and she has decided to do something she hasn't done in years, and that is to spank her daughter when she misbehaves. There are many traditional spankings that take place over this summer, and even a mouth-soaping. Join now!

Cheyenne Spanks Her Cousin

Cheyenne Jewel wants her cousin Yasmine Sinclair to move out of her place. She let her stay for a couple of weeks, but Yasmine took advantage and now refuses to leave. Cheyenne lifts Yasmine over her shoulder to show how strong she is, but this does not scare her. So Cheyenne puts Yasmine over her knee for a sound spanking and paddling that turns the curvy bottom bright red and helps influence her to honor the original agreement. Join now!

Company Policy: Day One

Ziva Fey is the new Human Resources director at the perfume company owned by Snow Mercy. Snow has very detailed policies about working for her and Ziva missed the fine print. That anyone who does not follow the rules has the option of being fired, or taking a spanking. Ziva learns this the hard way the first day on the job when she breaks a rule. She accepts the spanking. It is long and hard over the knee of the dominant owner. It ends with 10 swats with a wooden paddle and the humiliation of standing in the corner, bare bottom out. Ziva will not sit for some time. Join now!