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Disciplinary Spankings

The disciplinary spanking section has hardcore correction issued by lovely and experienced players.

Self-Defense Trainer

Bella Ink is a self-defense Trainer who has been working with Clare Fonda, who has not been doing any of her assignments and is more concerned with her looks than defending herself. Bella believes in a hands-on approach to training and she uses a sound spanking to help Clare get motivated to practice her lessons from now on. Clare ends up with a very red, sore bottom and a lesson well learned. Join now!

Office Christmas Spanking

Greasy Rose with supposed to decorate the office for the Holidays. Her boss, Constance, is upset because Rose has not being following orders for quite some time and this is the final straw. Rose will do anything to keep her job, so Rose does as she is told when Constance orders her over her knee for a spanking. The entire office is in the break room, celebrating at the Christmas party, and they can hear the entire spanking. Two of the workers, Madison Martin and Lexi Holland, witness the spanking, that includes 20 whacks with the Brat paddle. Painful and humiliating. Join now!

Swimsuit Spanking

Dolly Mattel is on vacation with her aunt, Miss Bernadette, and her friend Sophia Quinn. Dolly and Sophia were making fun of the life guard at the hotel pool and Miss Bernadette witnessed it. Now back at the hotel room, still in their swimsuits, the two girls learn how Aunt Bernadette dishes out discipline. She has the ladies bend over the bed and she hand spanks them in their skimpy swimsuits then uses a strap on their bare bottoms before finishing with 6 strokes with the cane that they must count out. Lesson learned. Join now!

Spank Therapy

Kiki Cali visits her therapist Miss Katherine (making her debut on our sites). Kiki is having trouble with her goals for improvement and is ready for some radical treatment. Miss Katherine suggests spank therapy. Kiki is hesitant, but then agrees. It is a painful spanking over her knee that gets Kiki near tears, but is quite therapeutic and cathartic. It is finished off with 30 spanks with a wooden bath brush that Kiki must count out loud and then thank her strict therapist. Join now!

Yelp Spanking Review

Terra Mizu goes to the complaints office were she is met by the very tall, and very powerful Irene Silver, who is the manager of the department. Irene finds that Terra has no legitimate complaint. And when Terra threatens to give the company a bad Yelp review, Irene puts Terra over her knee for a spanking that has Terra doing plenty of yelping. Just not the kind she hoped for. This spanking and paddling with a leather paddle help Terra to decide not to leave a negative review after all. Join now!

Tiana Halloween Spanking Part 2

Gigi Lea was recently spanked at the office Halloween party by her boss Tiana Irie. So now Gigi sees an opportunity to give her boss a spanking, too. Gigi spanks Tiana over her knee in the office, using her hand and a hairbrush. Now both ladies in their sexy costumes have sore bottoms. Join now!

Gigi Halloween Spanking Part 1

It is Halloween and boss Tiana Irie and worker Gigi Lea are both dressed in costumes. But when Gigi is caught yelling at a customer, her boss gives her an ultimatum, get fired or take a spanking. Gigi takes the spanking and her bottom is turned bright red and very sore. Gigi promises to never yell at clients again. And she will have trouble sitting for the rest of the day. Join now!

Reyna Spanked By Aunt Snow

Reyna St Clair gets a visit from her Aunt Snow Mercy, who had issues with her sister over a broken clock years ago. Reyna admitted that it was her who broke the clock, not Snow. So now Snow decides to punish Reyna for the trouble she caused, and for not owning up to it. Snow spanked Reyna over the knee right in her bedroom, with hand and hairbrush, turning that bottom red. Join now!

Tokyo Lynn Spanked By Aunt Part 2

Tokyo Lynn got spanked by her Aunt Clare Fonda and she is not happy about it at all. Her curvy bottom is so sore and red. She thinks that Clare deserves a spanking of her own. Clare quickly learns that Tokyo is a feisty, and strong, young lady who gives Clare a dose of her own medicine. She puts her aunt over her knee for a surprisingly hard spanking. And she not only uses her hand, but also a hairbrush. Aunt Clare will not be spanking Tokyo any more on her summer trip. Join now!

Rose Spanked Over Complaints

Rose has been a little too hands on at work. She gets called into the office of her boss Snow Mercy. There have been several complaints from lady customers who have been fitted for outfits by Rose, who often will grab their bottoms because, as she claims, she needs to in order to fit them for the perfect dress. Rose does not want to get fired and will do anything to keep her job. So her boss tries an extreme form of discipline. She puts Rose over her knee for a long and painful spanking in the office and even uses a wooden rule that runs her bottom bright red. Join now!