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Disciplinary Spankings

The disciplinary spanking section has hardcore correction issued by lovely and experienced players.

Social Media Spanking Part 1

Clare Fonda is a MILF who just wants to do as many social media posts about crepes as she can. Plus too much details about her digestive system. Social Media Warrior Cheyenne Jewel comes into her house to discipline Clare for this abuse. She puts a surprised Clare over her knee for a long and painful spanking, driving the lesson home with a wooden spatula. This scene is both comedic and intense and leaves Clare with a truly sore, red bottom! Join now!


Our classic Back In The Day was remastered again because the original remaster and this time the files will work on mobile devices. It still offers higher resolution plus the files are divided in a more logical order. Here is the original description: Top Spanking lady Veronica Daniels keeps three of our hottest girls in line. Addie and Rosario were wonderful in EE2 and they take longer spankings here with the hand and hairbrush. Kay keeps pushing her limits and gets a cherry bottom as Veronica said. This video is extra long at 70 minutes with a retro feel Join now!

Paula Spanked Again

Paula Diamond returns home after getting spanked at the store for shoplifting. The store called, but her step-sister Faith (Faith Shalynn appearing in her first ever spanking scene) took the message. Paula gets Faith to promise not to tell their mom, but the cost is a spanking on her already sore bottom. Plus Paula must help Faith clean up the storage room. Faith even uses her hairbrush. Join now!

Paula Spanked For Shoplifting

Paula Diamond was caught shoplifting and finds herself in the office of store manager Irene Silver. Irene offers Paula a chance to avoid involving the police if she is willing to accept an alternative form of discipline. Paula says she will basically do anything to avoid the cops. So it is a spanking that will teach Paula not to shoplift again. Irene is great at spanking, which Paula learns the hard way -- over the knee, with a strong hand and a leather paddle applied to her curvy and soon to be red and sore bottom. Join now!

Soccer Moms Reboot Part 3

As promised, Clare Fonda spanks her daughter, played by Luna Leve, for causing trouble for the soccer team. In the final chapter of the Soccer Moms Reboot, Clare puts Luna over her knee even though it has been years and Luna thinks that she is too old for a spanking. Clare delivers a long, hard hand spanking that leaves that curvy bottom bright red, before sending Luna into the corner, facing the wall, thinking about her misdeeds and how she will improve her behavior. Join now!

The Birthday Spanking

Both making their debut on the site, Lexi Holland is celebrating her birthday and her friend Rose decides to give her a birthday spanking. At first it begins as a fun lighthearted spanking, but then Rose begins to take out some of her issues with Lexi on her bare bottom. There is lots of counting, and a hand and paddle that leave Lexi rubbing her sore bottom. Join now!

Soccer Moms Reboot Part 2

In part 1 of Soccer Moms Reboot, Clare Fonda spanked Kyla Keys over how to discipline their daughters. Kyla has a very sore bottom and she is looking for some revenge. At the first opportunity, she puts Clare over her knee and gives her a sound spanking of her own, finishing up hard with the hairbrush. Both ladies now have red, sore bottoms. Their daughters better watch out! Join now!

Soccer Moms Reboot Part 1

The popular Soccer Moms gets a reboot, this time with Kyla Keys starring with Clare Fonda as soccer moms. In part one of the series they are arguing about how to discipline their daughters, who are in trouble with the soccer team. Clare is old school and thinks the daughters should be spanked. But Kyla opposes this plan of attack, until Clare demonstrates just how effective a spanking can be. Kyla is spanked with hand and hairbrush, long and hard, leaving her bottom bright red and painful to sit. Join now!

Tiana Spanked For Messy Kitchen

Tiana Irie has left the kitchen a mess and Dria is upset about it. First it is her turn to clean the kitchen. Second they are having a party tonight. Even though they are in a hurry, Dria takes the time to teach a valuable lesson with a sound spanking over her knee, right there in the kitchen. She starts with her hand, but finishes with a wooden paddle. Lesson learned. Join now!

Numi Zarah Spanked

In a follow-up to the scene in which Clare Fonda spanked her niece Nikki Sweet, this scene focuses on Numi Zarah, who is a friend to Nikki. Numi is on the phone to Nikki when she gets a warning that Aunt Clare is on her way. Clare puts Numi over her knee for a sound spanking for being a bad influence to her niece. She even has Numi strip naked as she did with Nikki so she can spank her totally nude. When the spanking is over, Numi has a sore, red bottom. Join now!