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Disciplinary Spankings

The disciplinary spanking section has hardcore correction issued by lovely and experienced players.

Spanked By Cooking Instructor

When Cheyenne Jewel failed to get the ingredients for her cooking instruction, Hannah Grace, she gets a lesson in discipline. Cheyenne admits that she has been lacking motivation, so Hannah provides it in the form of a spanking. She puts Cheyenne over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand and a wooden spatula, counting out the final 30 spanks that leave Cheyenne rubbing her sore, curvy, now red bottom. Join now!

Exclusive Education 15 part 3

Clare Fonda talks about her next real life spanking experience. This time it was when she learned about being a dominatrix from a real life one (played by Veronica Ricci in this scene). The domme gave Clare a sample of her paddles while Clare was over her knee receiving a sound spanking. Clare ended up with a very sore bottom, and then bailing on this particular job before it got started. Join now!

Spanking At The Salon

Yasmine Sinclaire, appearing in her first scene for us, works at a salon. Apricot Pitts is the manager who discovers that Yasmine was stealing some of the merchandise. So Apricot takes Yasmine to the break room, where she gives Yasmine the option of being fired or taking a spanking. Yasmine gets over the knee of her manager for a long and painful hand spanking that teaches her a lesson, She promises to never mess up at work again! Join now!

Auntie Ass Whup REMASTERED

In this remastered scene that was originally a custom request, Clare Fonda gets a spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer with her hand and a ping pong paddle. In face Clare is spanked to tears! After the spanking, the two ladies make out like they never have before! Join now!

Step-mother Spanking

Gizelle Blanco married a man who happens to be the father of Maddy Marks. Even though Gizelle is younger than Maddy, she is now her Step-mother. Gizelle is very old-fashioned and insists that Maddy dress more appropriately, behave better, and that she call Gizelle mommy. Gizelle backs this up by giving Maddy something she has deserved for quite some time - a sound spanking over her knee. She brings home the painful lesson with a wooden bath brush that leaves Maddy reformed, and very sore. Join now!

Manners Training

Kajira Bound is outraged that her mom hired a Manners Trainer (Stevie Rose) to teach her some real manners. Kajira is very bratty toward Stevie and is not interested in learning things like how to do a table setting properly. Stevie has been instructed that she can discipline Kajira any way she sees fit. So Stevie puts Kajira over her knee and gives her a long, painful spanking with her hand and leather paddle, turning that bottom bright red and improving those manners! Join now!


This classic scene starring two legends of spanking, Clare Fonda and Veronica Daniels, has been remastered so that it can also be viewed on mobile devices and presented in higher resolution. It has been off the site for some time. Veronica is the manager of a hotel where Clare has been partying hard. After receiving complaints, Veronica takes matters into her own hands by giving Clare a very sound bare bottom spanking. But when Clare finds something to hold against Veronica, she returns the favor and gives her a spanking, too. Two very red bottoms after this exchange. Join now!

Exclusive Education 15 part 1

In the first section of EE15, Clare Fonda talks about the time she got spanked by her theater instructor in the break room at a party, in front of others drama students. We re-enact that spanking, with Clare playing the drama teacher and Harmony Rivers playing the college-aged Clare. It is a sound spanking that Harmony really reacts to as she, like Clare at the time, is not used to being spanked. Join now!

Maddy Gives A Christmas Spanking

Maddy Marks went to get food for the big Christmas party, but her roommate, Kyra Fox (making her debut on our sites), fell asleep at the table. Kyra was supposed to decorate their place for Christmas, but all she did was put out one small Santa statue. So Maddy decides to give Kyra a sound spanking over her knee, using her hand and a leather paddle. Kyra complains that the guests might arrive and see this embarrassing and painful punishment. And in fact the first guest does arrive before the long spanking ends. Join now!

Morning and Evening REMASTERED

This classic stars 5 ladies who deliver some great spanking action. It spans over a number of different days in which 3 sexy ladies receive spankings in the Morning and evening (it was originally parts 1 to 3 of this series). Emily Jane, Luscious Lopez and Anastasia Pierce all receive multiple spankings with hand and hairbrush from Clare Fonda and Kayla Synz.. The series will now be available in higher resolution and on mobile devices. Join now!